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Peter Waldschmidt, Entrepreneur

Peter Waldschmidt

Peter Waldschmidt

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Peter Waldschmidt got the entrepreneurial bug early in his life.  In high school, he started his own lawn business and also a computer service business. When he got his first computer, Peter taught himself to program his own software.  In 1997, he formed a company called TetraData that was one of the few companies in South Carolina to receive venture capital funding in 2004. 

TetraData sold in 2006.  Shortly thereafter, he wanted to be back in the entrepreneurial mindset again so he started another company.  "I had created a piece of software that helped my software development team find bugs in their software.  I decided to take that piece of software and commercialize it and formed Gnoso."

Peter has harnessed his talents and energies as a successful entrepreneur in Greenville to give back to the community and to help and encourage other entrepreneurs. The Gnoso office is in the NEXT Innovation Center, an old warehouse that has been renovated into a modern office complex for entrepreneurs and start up companies. Peter and several other Greenville entrepreneurs were instrumental in the conception of the idea behind the NEXT building and helped to ensure its completion.

"My mission is to do everything I can to help other entrepreneurs, to build the entrepreneurial climate in this state, and to make sure that businesses can flourish."